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This winter, I became pregnant with my first child. This Spring, I’ve become a woman obsessed with Water, Earth, and their intimate love affair with Roots.


I spent my first trimester with my partner and international farm family on the coast of Ecuador during rainy season, in the year of El Niño. There, the wind announced the rain’s arrival pulsing like waves rolling in on the ocean.  My body responded like a tree whose leaves flip expectantly when the atmospheric pressure and humidity changes; whose sap ebbs and flows like the strong breezes of that place, like tides on that vast ocean I reflect from within.  Expectant like the parched Earth after dry season, I drink more water than ever in my life. My veins swell like the underground rivers they are and pump blood and nutrients to my roots, growing new life and feeding little rivulettes. My baby grows in the darkness of my womb – the Earth of my body – like a root reaching its tendril into the belly of the Earth. Continue reading WATER, EARTH & ROOTS


Samhain (saa-ween) is celebrated annually on November 1st and is the beginning of a spiritual new year for many modern people who embrace the ancient Celtic rituals of death and re-birth. It’s sister celebration is Beltane, celebrated on May 1st each year. I have celebrated both since I was a child, rolling in the dew at dawn with my mother. This year, as we enter into the darker half of the yearly cycle, I am reflecting upon the parallel and intertwined cycle of seeds — exploring how human beings are a lot more similar to these little, potential-packed beauties than we might imagine… 

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Like a seed, you already have everything  you need stored inside of you–all the energy and the knowledge to sprout and grow into the person you are longing  to become. Maybe you were meant to do this thing you love, or maybe you just happen to be really good at it. Maybe a door just unexpectedly opened and you can take this opportunity or leave it. Maybe you just want to give it a shot because why the hell not?! Continue reading SEEDING AFTER SAMHAIN